Haryana – Net Metering Policy

The state of Haryana announced it’s Solar Net-Metering policy in November 2014, under which the Harayana Govt. has allowed all property owners to install grid connected roof-top solar power plants of capacity ranging from 1kwp to 1Mwp under net-metering regulations in the state and also allowed sale of power either to the Govt. or third party from such plants. It is a Billing mechanism that credits solar energy system owners for the electricity they add to the grid.

Once the user has opted for Net-Metering, the solar system will generate power everyday for next 25 years and more. In cases where the consumed energy on certain days in a week or certain months in a year is very low or almost nil, solar net-metering would be really useful. When the consumer’s solar system is generating more solar energy than is being consumed, the excess solar energy is exported to the grid/ DISCOM and giving the consumer the benefit of the solar energy un-utilized by him.

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